About Jadugar Anand

Jadugar Anand is a Veteran in the field of Magic as Performing Arts, as a matter of Fact Magic is one of the oldest forms of performing art in the history of mankind. Anand has a special place in the history of performing arts, in the year 1978 at Hollywood, where he bettered the best of the World’s best magicians and was awarded The Gold Medal, in the year 1980 at Brussels; he repeated the feat and was titled “The Grand Prix”. And he stamped over all the stiffest competition from the best magicians of 150 countries globally, at Montreal in the year 1982 to be awarded “Magi of the East”.

Born in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh), on 3rd of January, 1952, Anand turned out to be a true prodigy. Ignoring every obstacle in his way, he kept moving upwards. Self-learned to the core, Anand is courage and determination personified.

Magician Anand is famously known as Jadugar Anand, jadu means magic in Hindi and one who dose magic is called “Jadugar”. Anand became a magician at very tender age of 7! It’s a magic in itself that at such young age immensely talented Anand started creating magic of his own.

Magician Anand has performed 30000 Shows across the globe and it is a World Record in itself. No other performer has done so many shows in life time. Anand has done shows in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Asia Oceanic. He is one the most traveled performing artist in the history of humanity.